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Welcome to REKÜP Wellness, a comprehensive wellness studio located in South Jordan, Utah. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on preventative mental, physical, and spiritual care. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals and we offer a wide range of services and products to support your journey. From chiropractic care and massage to hormone therapy, peptides, and more, we are committed to promoting your overall well-being. Book an appointment with us today and let us help you on your path to wellness.

At REKÜP Wellness, we believe that every individual is unique and we strive to provide personalized care to suit your needs. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve optimal health and wellness. We provide a supportive and inclusive environment where you can feel comfortable exploring different wellness practices, from breath work and sound healing to meditation and yoga. Our studio calendar makes it easy for you to book your favorite classes and services online, including chiropractic care, massage, and the cold plunge and infrared sauna. At REKÜP Wellness, we are committed to making wellness accessible and convenient for everyone. Join us on your journey to wellness today.

Riley P.

"I struggle with chronic headaches.  After seeing Dr. Küpper consistently, I have gone from headaches multiple times a week to maybe one or two a month!"

Madelyn B.

“Every time I go into REKÜP, I am met with a 5-Star experience.  From the massage with Julie, chiropractic care with Dr. John, ice bath, breathwork, and yoga - they have all been incredible!  Highly recommend for all wellness needs”


REKÜP offers so many different and helpful preventative care opportunities. My body, mind and spirit have exponentially transformed in such a short amount of time- the people, owners and community are amazing! 10/10 recommend!

Tara D.

REKUP gave me my life back!! I had chronic pain through out my whole body, migraines, my calfs, feet and hands were numb. I live a normal life now for 51 year old, and my future is looking great!
I will be forever indebted to the team at REKUP!

Brittany B.

Love REKUP!! The staff is AMAZING and so friendly! Jared does the best messages! You won’t go wrong with any service you do with them!!
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